FAMILY MATTERS: Research & Experience Confirm The Harms Of Abortion

The common narrative we hear from supporters of abortion – all of whom ironically are not at any risk of abortion themselves – is that abortion is a simple medical procedure, involves only the pregnant woman, and that life resumes as normal once the abortion has taken place. Nothing to see here. Well, actually, there’s a lot to see – … Read More

March For Life – Wellington – 5 December 2020

The new abortion law – championed by Jacinda Ardern during the 2017 election campaign and passed this year as the country was preparing to go in to lockdown for COVID-19 – means that New Zealand now has one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world. A number of amendments designed to remove some of the extreme aspects of … Read More

The abortion lobbyists, and the Facebook scrap

ACT’s David Seymour, the abortion lobbyists, and the Facebook scrap Stuff 14 March 2020 Family First Comment: Finally the media picks up that we’re sidestepping the bias mainstream media, and speaking to (and influencing) the masses via social media! The abortion debate has always created a lot of noise, and the introduction of the bill last year turned up … Read More

Carolyn’s story – “I tried to end my life after my abortion”

19 years ago, 17-year-old Carolyn made a permanent decision to a temporary problem. She was unexpectedly pregnant, and she mistakenly thought that an abortion was the only solution. After the abortion, she attempted to take her own life. Fortunately, she was unsuccessful. “If only someone had let me know about adoption, or shown me an ultrasound of my baby, or … Read More

NZ Abortion Debate #6: Puppy abortions!

This is shocking! Puppy Abortions. Did you know this was happening?! Fortunately the Greens have campaigned against aborting calves. But not children. Go figure. (Thanks to for permission to use their video clip)