SEE THE BIOLOGY – 9 months in the womb

Here’s what a preborn baby actually looks like inside the womb. Ages are dated from conception. 1 week – 3 weeks  At the moment of fertilization a baby’s unique DNA is formed, determining eye colour, hair colour, and gender.  By 3 weeks, the brain, spinal cord and heart have all started to develop.  The baby’s heart starts to beat at the end … Read More

Abortion Law in New Zealand Q&A

CURRENT ABORTION LAW  What is the current abortion law in New Zealand? Under the Crimes Act 1961, it is a crime to perform an abortion unlawfully, or to supply the means of providing an abortion (such as drugs or instruments) unlawfully (ss. 183 and 186). Women are explicitly exempt from liability, meaning a woman cannot be criminally charged for having … Read More

“I’m With Both” Discussion Pamphlet

Are you ready to discuss abortion? RESPONDING TO ARGUMENTS FOR CHANGING THE LAW It’s important that we’re able to debate the issue with our friends and families and in our workplaces. “It’s a health issue.” “Women should have control over their own bodies.” “It’s a matter between a woman and her doctor.” “Women who have abortions shouldn’t be criminals.” “What … Read More

JUST RELEASED: Abortion & Health of Women (2018)

ABORTION AND THE PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH OF WOMEN A review of the evidence for health professionals Released 23 March 2018 Full Report Media Release “Report Highlights Harms of Abortion to Women’s Health” For additional copies, please contact Family First NZ   Abortion and the Physical and Mental Health of Women A review of the evidence for health professionals … Read More

Abortion Risks: A list of major physical complications related to abortion November 2016 Approximately 10% of women undergoing induced abortion suffer from immediate complications, of which one-fifth (2%) were considered major. [19] However the majority of complications take time to develop and will not be apparent for days, months or even years. Major risks and complications of abortion are described, with citations to the medical literature, below. DEATH: According to … Read More

Abortion Risks: A list of major psychological complications related to abortion November 2016 REQUIREMENT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT: A study of the medical records of 56,741 California medicaid patients revealed that women who had abortions were 160 percent more likely than delivering women to be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment in the first 90 days following abortion or delivery. Rates of psychiatric treatment remained significantly higher for at least four years. In … Read More

Abortion Linked to Higher Rates of Child Abuse, Study Finds March 13, 2007 Authors concluded no longer can be any doubt that abortion significantly impacts health of women and their families A history of abortion is associated with more frequent acts of physical aggression toward subsequent children, according to a new study published in the Internet Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatology. The findings were drawn from an analysis of … Read More

Research brief: parental notification for abortion

MetcatorNet 31 July 2013 THE NEWS: Illinois Supreme Court Backs Parental Notification for Abortions. The Illinois Supreme Court recently upheld a ruling that requires doctors to notify parents of girls younger than 17 years old if those girls seek abortions. “Under the law,” reports the Chicago Tribune, “a parent or a guardian would have to be notified at least 48 … Read More

Research shows decline in support for abortion among US youths

Christianity Today March 14, 2010 In 2009, only 24 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 said abortion should be legal under any circumstances, a drop from 28 percent in the year 2000 and 36 percent in 1990. Even compared to 30- to 64-year-olds, the young cohort is now less likely to support abortion, the Gallup survey on Friday revealed. … Read More