Australian Medical Expert Advocates Baby Tax to Offset “Greenhouse Gas” Emissions

Calls Parents of Large Families “Polluters” and Hints that Australia should Adopt One Child Policy December 11, 2007 The Medical Journal of Australia has published a widely-publicized article by a medical professor advocating draconian taxation for parents who have more than two children, in order to offset the carbon emissions the child is likely to generate and contribute to … Read More

Another Study Shows Connection between Abortion and Substance Abuse December 4, 2007 An Australian research team has found a close connection between previous abortion and drug and alcohol abuse. The work is added to a growing body of scientific research showing the long-term negative psychological effects of abortion on women. Young women who have abortions are more likely to drink heavily and abuse hard drugs, the study found. … Read More

Abortion Best Predictor of Breast Cancer – UK Study

 Family Edge MercatorNet 12 October 2007 The breast cancer epidemic that has emerged over the past three decades is likely to get worse because of increases in induced abortion and a decline in childbearing, according to research published in the latest Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. The risk from abortion is greatest before the first full-term pregnancy (nulliparous abortion). … Read More

’4D ultrasounds’ may test abortion laws

 ABC News (Australia) October 10 2007 Ultrasounds that produce video-quality moving images of the foetus have changed the debate about late-term abortion, an Australian ethics expert says. Senior law lecturer Dr Kristin Savell from the University of Sydney says so-called 4D ultrasound technology has “democratised foetal imagery” by giving the public direct visual access to realistic images. The deputy director of … Read More

Drug risk after pregnancy loss – abortion or miscarriage

Herald Sun (Aust) December 22, 2008 YOUNG women who have had an abortion or miscarriage are significantly more likely to use illegal drugs and have a history of alcohol dependence, a study has found. University of Queensland researchers surveyed more than 1200 women born between 1981 and 1984 about their pregnancies and substance abuse histories at age 21. They found 280 … Read More

Cooling-off period urged for abortions

The Australian September 15, 2007 WOMEN seeking abortions should undergo a compulsory cooling-off period before proceeding, according to 74 per cent of respondents to a new survey. And more than half thought doctors should show the stage of fetal development to patients using models, pictures or ultrasound before a decision is made. The findings come from privately funded studies conducted from … Read More

Teens Cope With Unwanted Pregnancies Better Than Abortions, Study Shows 11 Aug 06 A new study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence refutes a long-standing contention that teenagers are better able to handle an abortion than dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. The study finds that adolescent girls who have an abortion are five times more likely to seek help for psychological and emotional problems than those who … Read More

Prochoice Amnesty means no choice for members 17-May-2007 Amnesty International’s board has just called for abortion to be decriminalised globally. The human rights organisation has thus abandoned its long-held ‘neutral’ policy that states: “Amnesty International takes no position on whether or not women have a right to choose to terminate unwanted pregnancies; there is no generally accepted right to abortion in international human rights law.”Amnesty branches … Read More

Amillia shows 24 weeks is too late to abort

UK Sunday Telegraph 25 Feb 07 Pressure was growing yesterday to shorten the 24-week limit on abortions. Medical experts and Church leaders say that the law is outdated and claim that medical advances would ensure the survival of as many as 2,000 foetuses aborted each year in Britain.Pictures published last week of baby Amillia Taylor, believed to be the world’s … Read More

Worst Violence is Abortion – Jim Hopkins

NZ Herald 23 Feb 07 ….. But the presence of Sue Bradford’s bill requires it to be challenged. Because it is utterly inconsistent to assert that the decision to do a violent thing before a baby is born is a matter of personal choice, but the decision to do a less violent thing after a baby is born is something … Read More