Baby born healthy after hospital advised abortion

ABC News (Australia) Feb 17, 2010 Fiona Vanderhook came close to never knowing her 14-month-old son Diesel. When she was five weeks pregnant, a trainee doctor told Ms Vanderhook she had lost the baby. The doctor recommended termination using the drug misoprostol, but the drug did not work and a follow-up scan showed the foetus was still alive. Later scans … Read More

Abortion link to mental illness

NZ Herald Nov 04, 2009 Researchers who examined the medical history of more than 500 women have concluded abortion “leads to significant distress in some”. Women reporting adverse reactions were up to 80 per cent more likely than women not exposed to abortion to have mental health problems, the Otago University study found. That finding has raised questions about justifying … Read More

Planned Parenthood leader resigns after watching abortion ultrasound

Telegraph (Uk) 2 Nov 09 The director of a Planned Parenthood outlet in Texas has resigned after watching an ultrasound of an abortion procedure. Abby Johnson told the KBTX television station: “I just thought I can’t do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me, and I thought that’s it. “I feel so pure in heart. … Read More

Right-to-lifers protest medical abortion plan

Waikato Times 24/10/2009 An anti-abortion group is outraged at what it calls Hamilton Family Planning’s plan to “kill on premises”. Voice for Life protesters staged what they called a “peaceful yet powerful protest” yesterday outside Family Planning’s clinic in Anglesea St, which could become the first centre of its kind in New Zealand to offer medical abortions. Unlike surgical abortions, … Read More

Women who have just one abortion face 35% increased risk of having a premature baby

Mail Online (UK) 16th September 2009 Women who have abortions could be posing a risk to future children, according to research published today. A Canadian medical study found that those who abort a pregnancy could run the risk of giving birth to premature of low-weight children in subsequent pregnancies. It discovered that women who had undergone more than one abortion … Read More

Figures reveal horror tales of late terminations

Herald Sun (Aust) September 01, 2009 A GROWING number of induced babies are born alive following failed late-term abortions. New Queensland Health figures show 19 babies were aborted at 20 weeks or more in 2007, but rather than dying at birth as intended, the newborns were able to breathe unaided. The babies, some as advanced as 26 weeks, were aborted … Read More

Abortion body ruled by Parliament, not courts – judge

The Press 14/08/2009 Parliament is the proper authority to oversee the activities of the Abortion Supervisory Committee and not the courts, a judge has ruled. Christchurch anti-abortion group Right To Life had sought High Court orders regarding the powers of the committee, but Justice Miller has declined to do so. “The committee is supervised by Parliament, which can hold it … Read More

Gender test spurs abortion fears

NZ Herald Jun 08, 2009 A new test to reveal the gender of a fetus in early pregnancy has sparked a row over whether it will lead to sex-selection abortions. The American-designed IntelliGender test kit, which can be used from eight weeks after conception, went on sale in Australia last month. Its Australian distributor hopes to launch it in New … Read More

Abortion: all agree the law is an ass

NZ Herald May 23, 2009  There were 18,380 abortions in New Zealand in 2007. The rate (20.1 abortions per 1000 women in the 15-44 age group) is high compared to other countries, putting us on a par with Australia, the United States and Sweden. Unlike those countries, we have what has been described as “one of the most restrictive pieces … Read More

Ruling on scan offer before abortions

Dominion Post 7 May 2009 Women should be offered the opportunity to view the ultrasound scan of their baby before they decide to abort it, the Health and Disability Commissioner says. Anti-abortion group Right to Life complained to the commissioner after finding four district health boards Auckland, Waikato, Wairarapa and Canterbury did not offer women the chance to view the … Read More