Rachael Wong – Abortion won’t stop violence

The Australian August 2019 Family First Comment: “How does abortion help a woman experiencing domestic violence? Spoiler alert: it doesn’t… It is deeply disturbing that abortion is being framed as a solution for women who are experiencing domestic violence. When a woman is violently attacked while walking alone at night, those who suggest that women should take more care not to … Read More

All Blacks’ Barrett brothers introduce their sister Zara, raising awareness for Down syndrome

Stuff co.nz 12 August 2019 Family First Comment: “People with Down syndrome need to feel loved and included.” #chooselife www.lovethemboth.nz All Blacks stars, the Barrett brothers, have shared the story of their 16-year-old sister Zara – a teenager who is “funny, cheeky, very honest” – and has Down syndrome. “She’s so honest, and we love that about her,” Beauden Barrett said of his little sister, who they call “Zars”. “People with Down … Read More

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern defends proposed abortion law

NZ Herald 5 August 2019 Family First Comment: “Meanwhile, conservative lobby group Family First has vowed to run a strong campaign against the legislation. “Under the current law, an unborn child is at least afforded some recognition and minimal legal protection. In contrast, these proposals will give the unborn child the same status as an appendix, tonsils or gall bladder – simply … Read More

Govt’s abortion bill lifts time limit on abortions for babies with disabilities from 20-weeks up to birth, breaking Jacinda Ardern’s promise to the disability community

Media Release Saving Downs 5 August 2019 Down syndrome advocacy group Saving Downs have condemned the New Zealand Government’s new abortion bill which, if it becomes law, will introduce abortion for abortion right through to birth for babies with disabilities. Under section 187A of the Crimes Act there is currently a gestational time limit of 20-weeks for abortion for disability, … Read More

Mother of Kiwi man with Down syndrome calls for pre-natal testing to be banned

Stuff co.nz 4 August 2019 Family First Comment: “if his mother had listened to the advice of health professionals when her prenatal test for genetic disorders came back positive 25 years ago, Bill would have been terminated. “I’m so pleased that I managed to get off the conveyer belt. I’m really grateful every day because my son’s just gorgeous.”” #NoImPerfectThanks Bill Gavin, 24, … Read More

Doctors’ rights to object to abortion should be protected (Australia)

Sydney Morning Herald 4 August 2019 Family First Comment: “In short, to refer for abortion is not a passive step. It is to begin the process of procuring an abortion. Freedom of conscience demands that doctors who believe abortion ends the life of an unborn baby should not be compelled to begin the abortion process.” #freetobelieve All Australians should be concerned … Read More

Both my children are equally human, yet only one is recognised as such

Stuff co.nz 26 July 2019 Family First Comment: Well said, Anna! 💖 “My youngest is 3 months old – a wriggly, active little baby who never stays still long enough to get a clear photo. It is also still in my womb. Some would say I can’t really call this one a baby either. Not yet…. I’m the mother of two … Read More

Recent Poll Reveals 95 Percent of Biologists Say Human Life Begins at Conception

The New American 22 July 2019 Family First Comment: 95% of 5,500 biologists — with specialties ranging from anatomy, biochemistry, cellular biology, genetics, and physiology — believe that “a human’s life begins at fertilization”, even those who are “very pro-choice,” “very liberal,” and consider themselves to be “strong Democrats”. #biologymatters In writing his majority opinion in Roe v. Wade in 1973, Associate Justice … Read More

Groups on both sides of abortion debate bring their messages to Parliament

TVNZ One News 23 July 2019 Family First Comment: “The whole nation needs to be doing some soul searching, MPs need to be doing some soul searching because it’s here they have the power to change things. We don’t want to see it changed, we don’t want to see it liberalised because women already have access to abortion up to 20 … Read More