How liberal is Simon Bridges really?

NewsHub 19 November 2018 Family First Comment:  If being ‘conservative’ means being against drugs and for life, then be 100% ‘conservative’, Simon. On Monday morning AM Show host Duncan Garner quizzed the 42-year-old on a few thorny topics currently before Parliament. Abortion Perhaps surprisingly, one of the biggest wedge issues between liberals and conservatives is the one Mr … Read More

Little Buttons

Little Buttons is a short documentary that explores an untold side of abortion; the grieving process. It follows the stories of three brave women as they share their own experiences and the personal journeys they each took toward healing.

Concerns Kiwis using ‘potentially life threatening’ illegally imported abortion kits

TVNZ One News 5 November 2018 A doctor who performs abortions in Christchurch says she’s “disturbed” people are illegally importing abortion medicine. Last year, 39 “kits” containing abortion medicines mifepristone and/or misoprostol were seized at the border, according to regulator Medsafe. The pills induce miscarriage and are used for early medical abortions for women up to 10 weeks pregnant. Certifying … Read More

Dr. Anthony Levatino Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes

Dr. Antony Levatino who performed over 1,000 abortions testified at a House Judiciary Committee hearing about Planned Parenthood’s medical procedures. Planned Parenthood has been under fire after videos were released showing how the mega abortion provider sold fetal tissue to researchers. Dr. Levatino gave this expert testimony in 2015. Hear the reason he no longer performs abortions.

Women who’ve had abortions warn over law reform

Radio NZ Morning Report 6 November 2018 As proposals to decriminalise abortion are underway, a group of women who have had abortions took out newspaper advertisements urging Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to be cautious about reform. The ads were partly-funded by anti-abortion group Family First. Barbara Hill is one of the women. She talks to Susie Ferguson. “It’s not that we … Read More

Māori MPs give their take on abortion law reforms

Maori Television 30 October 2018 Family First Comment: Labour’s Louisa Wall says, “It’s in the Crimes Act because historically this was a moral issue, it was a religious issue, it wasn’t about women’s rights but from my perspective it is about women’s rights.” WRONG! It’s in the Crimes Act (like assault and murder) not because it’s a religious issue but because … Read More

20 week scan – incredible!

This is the most detailed MRI scan taken of a preborn baby. The amazing video shows a child at 20 weeks moving, turning her head, and kicking. The child’s beating heart can also be seen! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Video credit and info: and

Simon Bridges: Abortion law change a ‘conscience issue’ for MPs

Radio NZ News 29 October 2018 Family First Comment: Correction to Simon Bridges. You say “women’s health must be the primary focus of any policy position.” The health of the unborn child should also be a primary focus. #justincaseyouforgot National Party leader Simon Bridges says it is “important to debate” changing New Zealand’s law on abortion. Last week the Law … Read More