Babies born at 22 weeks ‘can now survive’

BBC News 23 October 2019 Family First Comment: “Previously it was recommended that only babies born at 23 weeks or later were given treatment to save their lives. But there is now evidence those born earlier can survive – although only in small numbers – the British Association of Perinatal Medicine said. It said most will die but a third may … Read More

The reality of abortion and the unborn

Stuff 22 October 2019 Family First Comment: “Surely Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern saw the heart beating on the early scans of her baby Neve. Surely she felt movements of her baby during pregnancy. Does she deny her precious infant was once an unborn child? Why is it that when the baby is wanted we celebrate the miracle of a new … Read More

NZ Abortion Debate #1: Human Rights Explained….

Human Rights. You may think you’ve always had yours, but you would be wrong! This video explains exactly when your human rights begin – and why.

Abortion bill permits discrimination against conscientious objectors

NZ Doctor 9 October 2019 Family First Comment: In written submissions, the NZMA and the RNZCGP express concern that, if passed unchanged, the bill will “undermine a doctor’s ability to exercise true freedom of conscience”…. “Legislating the ability for employers to discriminate on these grounds is a retrograde step. Furthermore, the phrase ‘unreasonably disrupt the employer’s activities’ could be open to wide interpretation…. … Read More

Abortion law critics angered by handling of submissions

NZ Herald 9 October 2019 Family First Comment: Conservative lobby group Family First is campaigning firmly against the legislation and its national director, Bob McCoskrie, called the situation “disgraceful”. “It’s highly controversial from both sides, so why shut that down? It’s a major change,” he said. “I think it’s patronising they can determine which submission they can hear, when you’re blocking … Read More

Range of strong views heard by politicians considering abortion law change

TVNZ One News 8 October 2019 Family First Comment: Thanks to the good doctor… Dr Aimee Kettoola put forward her case against the proposed new laws. “As a paediatrician it is my life goal to care for and protect the most vulnerable in society and hence that must also include the unborn,” But the usual trash from the so-called Human Rights … Read More