Abortion debate: Does Crimes Act make women feel like criminals?

Radio NZ News 22 May 2019 National MP Alfred Ngaro says having abortion in the Crimes Act doesn’t make women feel like criminals so no law change is necessary. As the government considers options for law reform, more than 4000 people have signed a petition asking MPs to remove it from the Crimes Act. The Law Commission has put forward three … Read More

Poll: Majority thinks fetal heartbeat abortion bans aren’t too restrictive

The Hill 16 May 2019 Family First Comment: Similar to polling recently done in New Zealand. #FollowYourHeart More than half of registered voters believe that laws banning abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy are not too restrictive, according to a new Hill-HarrisX survey. The May 10-11 poll found that 21 percent of registered voters said that such abortion bans are “too … Read More

Missouri passes bill that outlaws most abortions at eight weeks

Radio NZ News 18 May 2019 Family First Comment: ‘Life’ just keeps on winning 🎈 Missouri’s state legislature has passed a controversial bill that would outlaw nearly all abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy. The bill was approved by the Republican-led Senate and the House of Representatives. Republican Governor Mike Parson is now expected to sign the bill so it can become law. … Read More

Alabama abortion ban honors all life

The Hill 17 May 2019 Family First Comment:  A must-read (especially with all the pro-abortion media at play at the moment)… Survivors of rape and incest deserve fierce advocacy, resources to help them heal, and the support of their whole community — not just those who want to sell them abortions. Abortion does not erase the rape or undo the violence … Read More

Alabama passes bill banning abortion

BBC News 15 May 2019 Family First Comment: Supporters say they expect the law to be blocked in court but hope that the appeals process will bring it before the Supreme Court. They want the court, which now has a conservative majority, to overturn the 1973 (Roe v Wade) ruling legalising abortion. Alabama has become the latest US state to move … Read More

ALRANZ can’t answer a simple question on late term abortions…

ALRANZ’s American abortion lobbyist (linked to the atrocious Planned Parenthood) could not answer a simple question on Newstalk ZB last night about late term abortions… “…um.. ah..giggle… i don’t accept your framing of the question… ” But then the classic statement – “viability happens at birth”. Even Andrew Little would disagree with that. And so does the overwhelming majority of … Read More

Rachael Wong: Recognising the end of pregnancy in cases of abortion and miscarriage

NZ Herald 30 April 2019 Family First Comment: “It is because planned or unplanned, abortion or miscarriage, women in both situations have suffered the loss of a child and need time to grieve that loss.” Rachael Wong is speaking at our Forum on the Family in July. forumonthefamily.nz Frances Everard argued that providing bereavement leave after miscarriage should extend to abortion … Read More

Detailed images of baby heart inside the womb

BBC News 23 March 2019 Family First Comment: Superb technology, life-saving technology – but at 21 weeks, the unborn child may not be allowed to live if the Government adopts the recommendations of the Law Commission! Shocking. #TakeMyHandNotMyLife www.chooselife.nz Watch how the foetus jumps around the inside the womb in MRI scan footage See the 3D image of a foetal … Read More

Unborn Kiwis need more protection, not less

Gisborne Herald 13 January 2019 Family First Comment: “Abortion is not just a women’s rights issue; it is a human rights issue. The point is not whether women are capable of making good decisions. It’s that no individual should hold such untrammelled power — the power of life and death — over another human being.” #chooselife It’s time to update our … Read More