Trump to Congress: ban late term abortion, every child is a miracle of life

President Donald Trump reiterated his call for a ban on late-term abortion during his annual State of the Union address Tuesday evening, while drawing the country’s attention to a living, smiling example of the children who could have been be legally killed had their mothers made a different “choice.” “As we pray for all who are sick, we know that … Read More

Foetus 18 Weeks: the greatest photograph of the 20th century?

The Guardian 18 November 2019 Family First Comment: The image of an 18-week unborn baby from Life magazine’s stunning 1965 photo-spread is being hailed as the photograph of the century. “In full colour and crystal clear detail, the picture showed a foetus in its amniotic sac, with its umbilical cord winding off to the placenta. The unborn child, floating in a … Read More

Born at 24 weeks: mum of premature baby says thanks to Waikato NICU

Stuff 12 November 2019 Family First Comment: Powerful story! And at just 24 weeks, little Peter looks real human to us. What does he look like to MPs who support abortion? Terehia Rakatau-Emery was delighted the first time she heard her son cry. “I videoed it. I know it sounds weird,” she said. “But it was just so cool, because he made no … Read More

NZ Abortion Debate #6: Puppy abortions!

This is shocking! Puppy Abortions. Did you know this was happening?! Fortunately the Greens have campaigned against aborting calves. But not children. Go figure. (Thanks to for permission to use their video clip)

Mary and Bill English warn MPs of ‘gruesome’ abortions

NewsRoom 31 October 2019 Family First Comment: Thank you Bill and Mary for speaking truth! “It will be legal to kill that child in the birth canal and the way they do that, if the abortion doesn’t work, is that they put a pin through the base of the skull into the brain. It is extreme violence that’s what it is, … Read More

‘I died inside’: Woman holds back tears in abortion law submission

NewsHub 29 October 2019 Family First Comment: “My baby did not have the ability to speak for his or her right to keep living. In turn, I lost my voice too… I became very depressed, anxious, timid, traumatised.” A woman held back tears while submitting on proposed abortion law changes, urging MPs to ensure pregnant women have access to all the … Read More

Babies born at 22 weeks ‘can now survive’

BBC News 23 October 2019 Family First Comment: “Previously it was recommended that only babies born at 23 weeks or later were given treatment to save their lives. But there is now evidence those born earlier can survive – although only in small numbers – the British Association of Perinatal Medicine said. It said most will die but a third may … Read More

The reality of abortion and the unborn

Stuff 22 October 2019 Family First Comment: “Surely Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern saw the heart beating on the early scans of her baby Neve. Surely she felt movements of her baby during pregnancy. Does she deny her precious infant was once an unborn child? Why is it that when the baby is wanted we celebrate the miracle of a new … Read More