20 week scan – incredible!

This is the most detailed MRI scan taken of a preborn baby. The amazing video shows a child at 20 weeks moving, turning her head, and kicking. The child’s beating heart can also be seen! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Video credit and info: http://ChannelMum.com and http://iFindProject.com

Simon Bridges: Abortion law change a ‘conscience issue’ for MPs

Radio NZ News 29 October 2018 Family First Comment: Correction to Simon Bridges. You say “women’s health must be the primary focus of any policy position.” The health of the unborn child should also be a primary focus. #justincaseyouforgot  www.ChooseLife.nz National Party leader Simon Bridges says it is “important to debate” changing New Zealand’s law on abortion. Last week the Law … Read More

Should abortion be a health issue, rather than in the Crimes Act? Q+A debate

TVNZ One News 29 October 2018 Family First Comment: The most disturbing part of this debate was when the abortionist said “We don’t believe somebody is a person until they are born” So why do we charge people for assaulting a woman and harming the unborn child. Why do we operate on the unborn child in the mother’s womb? www.ChooseLife.nz The … Read More

Abortion not a crime if Labour delivers on law change

Radio NZ News 26 October 2018 Family First Comment:  “Family First expressed disappointment in the review and said most of the submissions made to the Law Commission were not in favour of abortion. The Law Commission did admit this in the report, but added a significant number of the submissions not in favour of abortion were made using a Family First … Read More

Why a mother continued her pregnancy knowing her baby would die

NewsHub 24 October 2018 Family First Comment: A beautiful yet sad story. “Ms Gilkison made the brave decision to continue the pregnancy and enjoy her time with her son, even travelling to Tonga at 35 weeks to swim with whales and their calves. “I began thinking I’d like to have a bit of time with my baby, rather than no time … Read More

Hayes keen to protect wāhine from backstreet abortion

Waatea News 5 September 2018    National MP Jo Hayes doesn’t want to see abortion taken out of the Crimes Act. Justice Minister Andrew Little has asked the Law Commission to give advice on possible changes to the laws around abortion that have been in place for 40 years. He has promised a conscience vote on any legislative change. Ms … Read More

Abortion – I wasn’t offered an alternative

Adoption was never offered as an alternative to my abortion Stuff co.nz 6 September 2018 Family First Comment: “Twenty years later I saw a poster in a doctor’s office of the different stages of gestation. It was then that I realised I had been lied to. My baby would have had fingers, toes and a strong heart beat, and blood … Read More

Abortion pills: simple and safe or dangerous and damaging?

CMF Blogs 28 August 2018 Family First Comment: The Ministry of Health in NZ are also pushing medical abortions. “The head of the Royal College of gynaecologists (UK) is on record claiming that having an abortion is no different to having a bunion removed. Ironically, with this change that activists have been campaigning for, women will soon realise abortion is … Read More

CBS Poll Reveals Millenial Women Reject Abortion, Feminism, and the Media

LifeNews 20 August 2018 Family First Comment: “The poll, conducted by YouGov, looked at women from the ages of 18 to 35 and found that only 28% want abortion “legal in all cases.” Other results included: 34% want abortion “legal in most cases,” 25% want abortion “illegal in most cases,” and 13% want abortion “illegal in all cases.” In the … Read More

How difficult is sex selection for pregnant women in New Zealand?

NewsHub 19 August 2018 Debate about sex selection in Australia has arisen from shocking new research suggesting mothers are aborting their babies if they are not boys. So how difficult is sex selection for pregnant women in New Zealand? In New Zealand, abortion is prohibited under the Crimes Act, except for in limited circumstances – including when the pregnancy could … Read More