CBS Poll Reveals Millenial Women Reject Abortion, Feminism, and the Media

LifeNews 20 August 2018 Family First Comment: “The poll, conducted by YouGov, looked at women from the ages of 18 to 35 and found that only 28% want abortion “legal in all cases.” Other results included: 34% want abortion “legal in most cases,” 25% want abortion “illegal in most cases,” and 13% want abortion “illegal in all cases.” In the … Read More

How difficult is sex selection for pregnant women in New Zealand?

NewsHub 19 August 2018 Debate about sex selection in Australia has arisen from shocking new research suggesting mothers are aborting their babies if they are not boys. So how difficult is sex selection for pregnant women in New Zealand? In New Zealand, abortion is prohibited under the Crimes Act, except for in limited circumstances – including when the pregnancy could … Read More

Mothers would get bereavement leave for miscarriages under new bill

NewsHub 9 August 2018 Women who have a miscarriage at any stage in their pregnancy would be entitled to bereavement leave under a new Member’s Bill drawn from the ballot. Labour MP Ginny Andersen’s bill would make it explicit that the “unplanned death of a foetus” is grounds for up to three days of bereavement leave. “One pregnancy out of … Read More

Coen Lammers: What it’s really like living with Down syndrome

NZ Herald 9 August 2018 Family First Comment: “Iceland has reached a near-100 per cent termination rate, while last year only four births with Down syndrome were recorded in Denmark. Before the New Zealand medical community quietly eliminates one section of our society, it is vital for our country to have a national debate on the value we put on … Read More

Hospital questions child on pregnancy status

Stuff 3 August 2018 Family First Comment: Apparently this is standard practice – but why aren’t the parents involved in the process!??! And how come unborn children are now being considered as humans!? That’s not what the Ministry of Health are telling the Law Commission on abortions 😡 #stateconfusion #parentsmatter “Immediately after the x-ray, (the mum) asked the head … Read More

Shortland Street slammed by Down syndrome community

NewsHub 1 August 2018 Family First Comment: More disturbing rubbish on TVNZ… “The word ‘abortion’ was used straight away and that’s very confronting and offending to people with Down syndrome, and their parents,” says Kim Porthouse, a spokesperson for the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association (NZDSA). In the show, Warner says the genetic disorder will mean the child suffers severe … Read More

Opinion: Pro-life body will not be moved over abortion debate

NewsHub 27 July 2018 Family First Comment: An excellent response…. “When we began our speeches, and the counter-protestors blared their music louder and louder and shouted at us, we carried on. We spoke of the lives lost, and of the hope we have for a better tomorrow, in which women are supported and given hope and unborn babies don’t have … Read More

Both sides of abortion debate meet at Parliament

NZ Herald 25 July 2018 Family First Comment: The report says “Both sides of the abortion debate met on Parliament’s front lawn today in an orderly demonstration of free speech.” Orderly? No – sadly. The pro-abortion group played loud music and shouted during the Voice for Life speeches, and one of their members went through the booties and threw them … Read More

Home abortions are dangerous for women: here’s ten reasons why

Society for the Protection of Unborn Children 11 July 2018 Family First Comment: Compulsory reading for anyone who is concerned for the health and wellbeing of women… Here are ten reasons why allowing the abortion pill to be taken at home is dangerous and must be opposed. 1. Complications for medical abortion are common There has been much talk … Read More