John Roughan: Abortion – a topic giving the PM nightmares

NZ Herald 15 July 2019 Family First Comment: “This is a subject that could put the Government’s survival at risk.” Correct.  Sign our petition @ Abortion is one of those subjects on which a wise man keeps quiet. I wish I was wise. We don’t have equal rights on this one. Women carry the load and their wishes should prevail. … Read More

Abortion statistics: Year ended December 2018

Scoop Health 18 June 2019  There were 13,282 abortions performed in New Zealand in 2018, similar to the year before, Stats NZ said today. Women in their 20s were most likely to have an abortion in 2018, accounting for 52 percent of all abortions. Abortions for women under 20 have been decreasing since the peak in 2007. In 2018, 10 … Read More

Abortion Law in New Zealand Q&A

CURRENT ABORTION LAW  What is the current abortion law in New Zealand? Under the Crimes Act 1961, it is a crime to perform an abortion unlawfully, or to supply the means of providing an abortion (such as drugs or instruments) unlawfully (ss. 183 and 186). Women are explicitly exempt from liability, meaning a woman cannot be criminally charged for having … Read More

“I’m With Both” Discussion Pamphlet

Are you ready to discuss abortion? RESPONDING TO ARGUMENTS FOR CHANGING THE LAW It’s important that we’re able to debate the issue with our friends and families and in our workplaces. “It’s a health issue.” “Women should have control over their own bodies.” “It’s a matter between a woman and her doctor.” “Women who have abortions shouldn’t be criminals.” “What … Read More

Kate Cormack: All laws impose moral limits on our choices & bodily autonomy

Being pro-life isn’t about tyranny, it’s about the exact opposite Stuff 3 June 2019 Family First Comment: Boom! Kate Cormack destroys the arguments of ALRANZ’s American lobbyist Terri Ballamak.. “No law can ever rightly be called a just law if it denies one group of human beings their fundamental human rights simply because they are deemed to be unwanted by … Read More

Louisiana becomes fifth US state to enact foetal heartbeat abortion law

Louisiana becomes fifth US state to enact restrictive abortion law based on foetal heartbeat TVNZ One News 31 May 2019 Family First Comment: Louisiana’s latest abortion ban won support from many Democrats and was sponsored by Democratic Sen. John Milkovich. And the governor won some GOP praise for his position, including female Republicans!! “Although Edwards is a rarity in the national … Read More

I am the 1 percent used to justify 100 percent of abortions

Radiance Foundation 17 May 2019 Family First Comment: There are others like me who were conceived in the violence of rape, like my friend Rebecca Kiessling, an attorney and passionate defender of life. There’s the former Miss Pennsylvania, Valerie Gatto, Trayvon Clifton, Monica Kelsey, Jim Sable, Pam Stenzel, and many more whose stories offer a different perspective than mainstream media’s myopic pro-abortion view. There are women who … Read More

Myths about Alabama’s abortion law – and the truth (for NZ media)

LiveAction May 2019 Family First Comment: The media (including in NZ) are misrepresenting (possibly deliberately) the Alabama abortion law, including “Men are leading the way to ban abortion” (false) and “Women will be criminally prosecuted for abortions.” (also false). Instead of hearing the myths, here’s the facts…. CLAIM: Men are leading the way to ban abortion FALSE: This bill, HB314, was … Read More

Clash of abortion rallies: Pro-choice protesters’ rally meets pro-life rally in Auckland’s Aotea square

NZ Herald 25 May 2019 Family First Comment: Superb work from pro-lifers…. “Catherine Gillies, from Voice for Life, stood behind the speeches with a placard picturing a woman wrapped in barbed wire. Gillies said the image represented “the mess” of a woman after an abortion, trying to heal. Gillies said New Zealand can’t afford to loosen our current abortion laws. “We are trying … Read More