Why Joe Biden must never be president

The Washington Times 21 May 2020 Family First Comment: “The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that all moms get an ultrasound during the first trimester of their pregnancy. This ultrasound will help determine the estimated due date, check on the placement of the baby and see if there is more than one baby. It will also confirm the heartbeat … Read More

Police investigate death of unborn baby after home abortion (UK)

Daily Mall 23 May 2020 Family First Comment: Similar to NZ’s approach “Abortion laws were relaxed due to the coronavirus pandemic, allowing women to take both pills at home. The measures were put in place so women didn’t have to go to a hospital or a clinic. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas) runs the ‘pills by the post’ service.” Read … Read More

Abortion services available by phone for some New Zealanders during lockdown

Radio NZ News 7 April 2020 Some women can now access early abortion services without leaving home during lockdown, due to a law change that came into play just days before the country moved into covid-19 alert level four. With an in-depth telephone consultation, a doctor could determine whether a person qualified for an early medical abortion, acquire informed consent … Read More

The abortion lobbyists, and the Facebook scrap

ACT’s David Seymour, the abortion lobbyists, and the Facebook scrap Stuff co.nz 14 March 2020 Family First Comment: Finally the media picks up that we’re sidestepping the bias mainstream media, and speaking to (and influencing) the masses via social media! The abortion debate has always created a lot of noise, and the introduction of the bill last year turned up … Read More

Who voted against all attempts to moderate the extreme abortion bill?

There were three specific amendments to the abortion legislation that were voted on last night. All three were designed to make the bill less extreme, and to balance the law just a small amount towards the unborn child. They were: 1.‘care of a child born’ – a requirement that a qualified health practitioner who performed an abortion that results in … Read More

MPs vote to remove abortion clinic safe zones from Bill

Radio NZ News 11 March 2020 Family First Comment: “In a confused vote in Parliament, MPs have done away with all sections of the Abortion Legislation Bill that would have made legally protected ‘safe areas’ possible outside clinics.” Whoops! 😊 The bill had its second reading in Parliament last night, in which possible changes were debated and voted on ahead … Read More

In two countries with liberal regimes, abortion rates have increased

Iona Institute 6 March 2020 Family First Comment: Two national reports on abortion, one from the Netherlands and one from England and Wales, have confirmed that abortion rates do not decline with more liberal laws, as the pro-choice incorrectly repeat Two national reports on abortion, one from the Netherlands and one from England and Wales, have confirmed that abortion rates do not decline … Read More