The ‘Eggsploitation’ of Surrogacy

Bob McCoskrie – National Director The recent media coverage of the same-sex couple who travelled to Mexico to have ‘triplings’ raises a number of issues. Three babies, born from one set of sperm and one egg, but carried by different surrogates, was bound to bring difficulties. And then there is the coverage of a surrogate offering to be impregnated with … Read More

Free Contraception For Teens Flawed & Harmful

Media Release 30 June 2015 Family First NZ says that calls for free contraceptives to be made available to teens is flawed, morally bankrupt, and will actually do more harm than good. It will also undermine the important and protective role of parents and ignore their valid concerns. “The decreasing proportion of teens wanting to be sexually active need parental … Read More

Drop In Abortion Rate As Fetal Knowledge Increases

Media Release 17 June 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming the drop in abortions to the lowest number since 1994, and says that the rate will continue to drop as knowledge of the prenatal development of the unborn child increases, and as an increasingly pro-life younger generation become parents themselves. “The ‘bunch of cells’ argument which has driven the right-to-abortion … Read More

Support “Hillary’s Law”

A campaign has been launched by a mother who is seeking changes to the parental notification law when a teenage daughter becomes pregnant. A petition was presented to Parliament last week by National MP Chester Borrows on behalf of Stratford mother Hillary Kieft whose 15 y/o daughter attempted suicide after a secret abortion organised by the local school and community … Read More

Family Planning Admits High Number of Secret Abortions

Media Release 4 June 2015 Family First NZ says a stunning admission has been made by Family Planning Association that up to 1,000 young teenage girls have been taken for an abortion without their parents knowledge since 2004, when a change to the law was rejected by Parliament. The admission was made by the Family Planning Chief Executive Jackie Edmond … Read More

Parents & Teens Want Parental Notification

Media Release 3 June 2015 Family First NZ is calling on politicians to reflect the concerns and wishes of parents and also teenagers, and ensure that young pregnant girls in a crisis situation receive the family support they deserve and need. A petition is being presented to Parliament on behalf of a Stratford mother whose teenager daughter attempted suicide after … Read More

Families Support Review of Teen Abortion Law

Media Release 26 Apr 2015 Family First NZ is supporting calls for a review of the parental notification laws for teen abortions and agrees that young pregnant teens should have the support of their parents, not have their parents alienated from the process. “The law currently means that while a parent has to sign a letter for their daughter to … Read More

Labour Leaders Open To Extreme Abortion Laws

Media Release 12 Nov 2014 Family First NZ is rejecting the Labour leader candidates’ call for the decriminalisation of abortion and says that the existing safeguards are there to protect women and children. “Andrew Little, Grant Robertson, Nanaia Mahuta and David Parker said on Radio NZ this morning that they supported the liberalising of abortion laws. But any changes would … Read More

YOU Are The Kingmaker, Not Them!

This is our final email before you vote on Saturday. And it’s a reminder that your vote matters – to families. Do you know which parties will oppose upcoming attempts to decriminalise euthanasia, abortion, and marijuana? Which parties will fix the anti-smacking law? Which parties are unsure as to whether the definition of marriage should be further changed to allow, … Read More