Ex-Abortionist’s Testimony Impacts Abortion Debate

Media Release 9 September 2019 An 17-minute interview with a New Zealand ex-abortionist has had over 123,000 views in a fortnight, and an explanation of second trimester surgical abortions has had over 210,000 Facebook views in just one week. Dr Norman MacLean qualified in medicine at the Otago Medical School 50 years ago. He practiced within obstetrics & gynecology for … Read More

Pros and Cons Of “All-Time Low” Fertility Rate – Report

Media Release 30 August 2019 New Zealand’s total fertility rate has reached an all-time low, with an average of 1.71 children per woman in New Zealand, well below population replacement level. “Families: Ever Fewer or No Children, How Worried Should We Be?“ – a new report from Family First NZ –  looks at the reasons behind falling fertility, and discusses … Read More

HOW THEY VOTED: Who Voted to Protect the Unborn Child (1st reading)

August 2019 It was a dark and shameful day today as 94 members of Parliament voted for a radical bill that attempts to remove any legal recognition or protection of the unborn child, and introduces one of the most radical abortion laws in the world. Below is the voting record. We are very very grateful for the 23 MPs who voted … Read More

Pregnant Teens Can Self-Refer For Abortions With No Safeguards

Media Release 7 August 2019 Family First NZ says that the proposed abortion law reforms will result in the ability of teenagers to self-refer for an abortion with no notification to their parents or guardian and no effective safeguards. “The Government is telling parents it’s none of their business if their teenage wants to keep their pregnancy secret, and they’re … Read More

Late Term Abortions Will Increase With Abortion Reform

Media Release 7 August 2019 Family First NZ says that proposed abortion law reform will lead to more late term abortions, and radical abortion groups have no problem with abortions at any time for any reason. “Currently the Crimes Act allows for an abortion after 20 weeks gestation only in exceptional circumstances. Official Information Act data provided by Statistics NZ … Read More

Abortion Law Reform Deeply Flawed & Anti Human Rights

Media Release 23 July 2019 Family First NZ is shocked and dismayed with the Government’s and the Prime Minister’s obsession with life and death issues, and its impending release of attempts to liberalise abortion laws, especially so soon after passionate debate on euthanasia. “It is disturbing to have this attack on humanity at both the beginning and the end of … Read More

Petition Fights For Human Rights Of Unborn Children

Media Release 23 July 2019 A petition of more than 13,000 New Zealanders opposing the Government’s proposed liberalisation of abortion laws is being presented to Parliament today. The petition is home grown with virtually all of the signatories confirmed as living in New Zealand. The petition of Gina Sunderland and 13,268 others opposes any attempt to decriminalise and introduce extreme … Read More

Bill Rewritten To Explicitly Ignore Women With Post-Abortion Grief

Media Release 29 June 2019  Family First NZ is shocked that a Labour MP’s private members bill which allowed for bereavement leave for a miscarriage has been withdrawn and resubmitted, in seemingly a deliberate attempt to exclude post-abortive women who may also be suffering grief and loss. The wording of a woman who qualifies for bereavement leave under the proposed … Read More

New Resource Clarifies Current & Proposed Abortion Law

Media Release 18 June 2019 Family First has released a new resource to help New Zealanders understand the current abortion law and also the proposals for liberalisation suggested by the Law Commission and promoted by the Labour government. “We’ve seen widespread confusion and, in some cases, complete misrepresentations of the current law in the public domain. That confusion does not … Read More

Late Term Abortions Will Increase With Abortion Reform

Media Release 23 May 2019  Family First NZ says that Family Planning are misleading the public in relation to proposed abortion law reform, and that any decriminalisation of abortion will lead to more late term abortions. Currently the Crimes Act allows for an abortion after 20 weeks gestation only if it is necessary to save the life of the woman … Read More