Statement to Booties Project Memorial – Parliament Grounds

Media Release 25 July 2018 Here is the message being presented on Parliament Grounds today, on behalf of MARINA YOUNG, founder of BUTTONS PROJECT, and spokesperson for FAMILY FIRST NZ. I feel that often we get blasé about statistics. However, seeing 13,000+ pairs of booties with each pair symbolising a baby lost to abortion is quite sobering. I then think … Read More

Significant Interest in Abortion Law Review

Media Release 20 June 2018 According to information received from the Law Commission by Family First under the Official Information Act, the Law Commission has received almost 3,500 submissions regarding the abortion law review. 58 submissions were from organisations and the remaining 3,360 were from individuals / families. “This is a very strong response given that submitters were only given … Read More

One in Three Pregnant Teens Keep Abortion A Secret

Media Release 20 June 2018 SELECT COMMITTEE AND ABORTION SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE MISLED PUBLIC Family First NZ says that official statistics now collected on parental notification for teenage abortions show that a third of girls aged under 16 who have an abortion don’t tell their parents. This is in complete contradiction to what the Select Committee said when they considered this … Read More

Low Abortion Rate Will Be Welcomed By All

Media Release 19 June 2018 Family First NZ is welcoming the lowest rates of abortion since 1990 – but is sounding a warning that this positive trend will be reversed if Parliament removes the safeguards in the current abortion law and introduce extreme abortion laws which has been shown overseas to place women at risk, including sex-selective abortions and women … Read More

NZ’s Views On Abortion Laws Already Known

Media Release 28 May 2018 Family First NZ says that the views of NZers on our abortion laws have already been expressed, and that there is a clear rejection of the type of extremist abortion law being pushed by groups like ALRANZ. “New Zealanders don’t want an extreme abortion law – they want a law that works best for women’s … Read More

Govt Pushes Abortion Over Weightier Law Commission Issues

Media Release 22 May 2018 Family First NZ is questioning why the government is pushing the Law Commission to consider abortion laws over far weightier issues of property relationships, trust law reforms and the use of DNA in criminal investigations. “The review of the abortion laws by the Law Commission and the very quick time allowed by the government to … Read More

Abortion is not ‘just a political issue’ – Make a submission today

MAKE A SUBMISSION TO THE LAW COMMISSION – TODAY! This email is sent with a sense of urgency. The Labour-led Government is reviewing the abortion laws because Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that abortion should not be covered in the Crimes Act and that she wants, “women who want access to be able to have it as a right.” Those … Read More


Health of the mother. Health of the unborn child. Legal safety of the mother. Legal status of the unborn child. The Labour-led Government is reviewing the abortion laws. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that abortion should not be covered in the Crimes Act and that she wants, “women who want access to be able to have it as a right.” … Read More

Women Need To Know Risks of Abortion – Study

Media Release 23 March 2018 A research paper for health professionals which reviews international evidence to date about the relationship between abortion and the physical and mental health of women says that abortion is associated with a wide range of adverse physical and psychological outcomes, and it is essential that women are made fully aware of all the risks. “Abortion … Read More

No Public Mandate To Change Abortion Law

Media Release 16 February 2018 Family First NZ says that the Labour government has no mandate to weaken abortion laws and the public has no appetite for the abortion laws to be liberalized. “The Abortion Supervisory Committee complains that nobody is listening. That is the way it should be. Polling of New Zealanders released last month found significant support for … Read More