“Atrocious” – ‘Born-alive’ provision voted down by MPs

Media Release 11 March 2020 In a shocking display of human rights abuse in New Zealand, an amendment to the Abortion Legislation Bill which required the care of a child born after an attempted abortion was only supported by less than a third of MPs. The amendment of National MP Simon O’Connor clarified that a qualified health practitioner who performed … Read More

Why the Abortion Legislation Bill fails so badly…

SUMMARY OF SPECIFIC PROBLEMS WITH THE ABORTION LEGISLATION BILL POLICY FAIL * to remove legislation about abortion from the criminal code and insert it to the health code is to equate a procedure to remove an unborn baby with a procedure to remove an appendix, kidney stones, gall bladder or tonsils – simply ’tissue’ removed as part of a ‘health procedure’. … Read More

HOW THEY VOTED: Who Voted to Protect the Unborn Child (2nd Reading)

3 March 2020 It was another dark and shameful day today as 81 members of Parliament voted for a radical bill that attempts to remove any legal recognition or protection of the unborn child, and introduces one of the most radical abortion laws in the world. Below is the voting record. We are very very grateful for the 39 MPs who … Read More

Radical Abortion Bill A Gross Abuse Of Human Rights

Media Release 3 March 2020 2nd Reading of Abortion Legislation Bill tonight Family First NZ says that the government’s haste in ramming through the radical abortion bill demonstrates a shocking human rights abuse, all at the same time as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she wants to ‘bring kindness back’. The Prime Minister is also breaking her promise to the … Read More

Pearl’s story – “Every disability deserves a life”

Pearl Vaafusuaga and her husband didn’t need to ‘think about it’ when they were told by doctors that their son had Down syndrome. As far as they were concerned, every human deserves life. As a mother of a Down syndrome son, she has an important message for politicians considering a radical abortion bill, and for parents. The true disability here … Read More

OPEN LETTER: “Dear Jacinda, when does human life begin?”

We’ve placed an Open Letter to the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern from 12 women who have had abortions in two major newspapers this weekend – the Dominion Post yesterday, and the Herald on Sunday today. We’re very grateful to the financial supporters who have made it possible to speak loudly in this abortion debate about the (diminishing) rights of the … Read More

Jacqui’s story – “I was conceived in rape. I value life.”

Jacqui has a powerful story to tell – a story which politicians should hear BEFORE they pass a radical and extreme abortion law in New Zealand. But the politicians on the Select Committee denied her the opportunity to make an oral submission to them. Watch Jacqui’s deeply personal and moving testimony. The testimony that the politicians did everything they could … Read More

MP Slams Sham Process of Abortion Select Committee

Media Release 14 February 2020 National MP Agnes Loheni – a member of the abortion select committee – has slammed the process of the committee, saying in her minority view that she disagreed with the select committee’s decision and criteria used to “deliberately and intentionally restrict the number of oral submissions on such an important matter, particularly one which comes … Read More

Radical Abortion Bill Ignores Human Rights Of Children

Media Release 14 February 2020 The Select Committee report considering the bill resulting from Jacinda Ardern’s policy to liberalise abortion laws has come back with their report, and not surprisingly – because of the make-up of the committee and the muzzling of many people who wanted to make oral submissions – the majority have endorsed the radical and extreme bill. … Read More

Overwhelming Rejection Of Abortion Bill – Analysis

Media Release 4 November 2019 More than 90% of the submissions on the Abortion Legislation Bill have rejected the proposed decriminalisation of abortion, with just under 8% supporting the Government bill. The in-depth analysis of a random sample of 1,000 submissions by an independent researcher found that 90.6% of submissions were opposed. This means that over 18,000 submissions in total … Read More