Abortion Supervisory Committee Deserves Criticism

Family First Media Release June 10, 2008 Family First NZ is welcoming the comments by a High Court judge that the Abortion Supervisory Committee has been applying the abortion laws too liberally and has failed to adequately supervise the work of certifying consultants. “The Committee has ignored the original intention of parliament and because of their lack of supervision and … Read More

PM Should Call for End to Death Penalty of Unborn Child

Family First Media Release October 10, 2007 Family First is calling on the Prime Minister to be consistent, and call for the end of the death penalty to both adults and the unborn child. In joining Amnesty International’s call today to end the death penalty worldwide, the Prime Minister said “The death penalty violates the right to life and is … Read More

Bob McCoskrie: Abortion Trends are Tragedy for Our Teenagers

Bob McCoskrie – National Director – Family First NZ (Published in the Otago Daily Times 25 June 2007) The abortion figures for 2006 released by Statistics NZ continue to paint a terrible picture for our teenagers. Since 1991, the number of 11-14 year olds having an abortion has increased by 144%. The number of abortions for 15-19 year olds has … Read More

Abortions Increase – Tragedy for Teens and Families

Family First Media Release June 17, 2007 The abortion figures for 2007 released by Statistics NZ today continue to paint a terrible picture for teenagers and families, and confirm the continued failure of the Abortion Supervisory Committee, as highlighted by the High Court case last week. Almost 4,300 teenagers had an abortion in 2007. Each week, over 80 teenagers have … Read More

Abortion pill is dangerous for women

Family First Media Release April 11, 2006 It is disgraceful that a GP, who should be defending life, has urged easier and earlier access to the abortion pill RU486. (Dominion Post 11 April 2006) Wellington doctor Carol Shand said delays to abortions were caused by abortion laws which required women to go through a complex series of steps including numerous … Read More