Study shows abortion triples risk of depression

Evening Standard UK 27 Oct 06 Women who have abortions are three times as likely to suffer depression and other mental illness, it emerged yesterday. Senior doctors claim new evidence shows a clear link between abortion and mental health problems in women who previously had no history of such illness. They believe the risks are being ‘played down’ so women … Read More

UK Abortion Rate Rises Despite Wide Access to Morning-After Pill

Focus on the Family’s 30 Sept 2006 Plan B is not the answer. Abortion advocates have long claimed that full access to the so-called morning-after pill would reduce the number of abortions. But a report from Britain finds that abortions there are up despite ready access to the controversial pill.The morning-after pill became widely available in the United Kingdom … Read More

Abortion figures a tragedy for teens and families

Media Release June 15, 2006 The abortion figures for 2005 released by Statistics NZ today paint a terrible picture for our teenagers. Since 1990, the number of 11-14 year olds having an abortion has increased by 139%. The number of abortions for 15-19 year olds has increased by 63%. Each week, over 73 teenagers have an abortion. “This is a … Read More

Abortion pill is dangerous for women

Family First Media Release April 11, 2006 It is disgraceful that a GP, who should be defending life, has urged easier and earlier access to the abortion pill RU486. (Dominion Post 11 April 2006) Wellington doctor Carol Shand said delays to abortions were caused by abortion laws which required women to go through a complex series of steps including numerous … Read More

Abortion Researcher Confounded by Study

NZ Herald 5 Jan 2006 Researchers found that at age 25, 42 per cent of women in the study group who had had an abortion also experienced major depression at some stage during the past four years. This was nearly double the rate of those who had never been pregnant and 35 per cent higher than those who had chosen … Read More

Wrong to smack but right to kill?

UK Telegraph Opinion –  07/11/2004  A ban on smacking, said David Hinchcliffe, the Labour MP who led the calls for such a ban in last week’s Commons’ debate, “would criminalise hitting children to exactly the same extent as hitting adults. That is equality and children, who are far more fragile and vulnerable than us, deserve nothing less.” As it turned out, … Read More