Permanently legalising home abortions is a terrible idea

The Telegraph 8 December 2020 Family First Comment: Disturbing reading from the UK where ‘home abortions’ have also been authorised (similar to NZ)… “Freedom of Information (FOI) requests have revealed the aftermath from the pills-by-post process to include sepsis, hemorrhaging, embolisms, renal failure and trauma to pelvic organs, among other medical complications. A lack of adequate oversight, testing for gestational limits … Read More

Kmart introduces dolls with Down syndrome to New Zealand shelves

NZ Herald 3 December 2020 Family First Comment: Excellent… [Kmart] hopes these dolls will help normalise “conditions like Down syndrome, so that young sufferers don’t feel different from their friends”. “We want children to see themselves represented in our doll ranges and we want to help children learn more about people who are different from themselves.” Kmart has grown its … Read More

Australian sperm donor investigated after fathering 23 kids in one year

NZ Herald 29 November 2020 Family First Comment: Fortunately, most men seem to understand the long-term ramifications of this process – both for themselves and for the child who will want to know their biological father one day. Fathers matter. Fatherlessness is an issue for children. The man being touted as the unofficial most prolific sperm donor in Australia is under … Read More

Premature New Zealand twins born at 23 weeks at Wellington Hospital

NZ Herald 29 November 2020 Family First Comment: “He and twin brother Riley were born at just 23 weeks and one day on March 3. It’s considered the edge of viability – babies born earlier are not usually resuscitated.” No – life begins at conception. That’s biology. When Declan Colquhoun was born, his aunt’s wedding ring would have fitted around his … Read More

Tennessee can enforce Down syndrome abortion ban

NZ Herald 21 November 2020 Family First Comment: A victory for the unborn child 😊 “A federal appeals court ruled Friday (Saturday NZT) that Tennessee can begin outlawing abortions because of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, as well as prohibit the procedure if it’s based on the race or gender of the fetus.” A federal appeals court ruled Friday (Saturday … Read More

Increase in abortions recorded in New Zealand since procedure’s decriminalisation

NewsHub 16 November 2020 Family First Comment: “Between the end of March and the start of August, just over 4900 women underwent an abortion within 21 weeks of pregnancy. That’s a rise of about 9%, compared to the data recorded in the same window over the previous three years.” Late term abortions have also increased. 😢😢 The number of abortions performed … Read More

March For Life – Wellington – 5 December 2020

The new abortion law – championed by Jacinda Ardern during the 2017 election campaign and passed this year as the country was preparing to go in to lockdown for COVID-19 – means that New Zealand now has one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world. A number of amendments designed to remove some of the extreme aspects of … Read More

Trump to Sign ‘Born Alive’ Executive Order to Protect Abortion Survivors

The Daily Signal 23 September 2020 Family First Comment: Thank you President Trump: “Today I am announcing that I will be signing the ‘born alive’ executive order to ensure that all precious babies born alive—no matter their circumstances—receive the medical care that they deserve,” the president said. “This is our sacrosanct moral duty.” In 2002, President George W. Bush signed … Read More

National MPs, pro-life groups, say abortion law too ill-defined

Radio NZ News 29 July 2020 Family First Comment: Justice Minister Andrew Little said there was “no such thing as full-term abortion, people who say that are idiots.”… Family First founder, Bob McCoskrie said Little was wrong and needed to check the law itself. “Andrew Little has admitted that late term abortions up to birth could happen under the new law and make … Read More

Select Committee Ignores Women With Post-Abortion Grief

Media Release 27 July 2020 A select committee considering a private members bill which allows for bereavement leave for miscarriages have come back with their report, and have rejected calls for the leave to be extended to allow support for women with post-abortion grief. When lodging the original bill, Labour MP Ginny Anderson said, “I think [abortion] would be [grounds], … Read More