Radical Abortion Law Reform Is Deeply Anti-Human Rights

Media Release 4 August 2019 Family First NZ is shocked and dismayed with the Government’s coming release tomorrow of attempts to radically liberalise abortion laws, and says it is deeply anti-human rights. “The focus of this proposed abortion policy shift is entirely on women having a right to an abortion, but completely ignores both the status of the unborn child, and the … Read More

Petition Fights For Human Rights Of Unborn Children

Media Release 23 July 2019 A petition of more than 13,000 New Zealanders opposing the Government’s proposed liberalisation of abortion laws is being presented to Parliament today. The petition is home grown with virtually all of the signatories confirmed as living in New Zealand. The petition of Gina Sunderland and 13,268 others opposes any attempt to decriminalise and introduce extreme … Read More

Abortion Law in New Zealand Q&A

CURRENT ABORTION LAW  What is the current abortion law in New Zealand? Under the Crimes Act 1961, it is a crime to perform an abortion unlawfully, or to supply the means of providing an abortion (such as drugs or instruments) unlawfully (ss. 183 and 186). Women are explicitly exempt from liability, meaning a woman cannot be criminally charged for having … Read More

“I’m With Both” Discussion Pamphlet

Are you ready to discuss abortion? RESPONDING TO ARGUMENTS FOR CHANGING THE LAW It’s important that we’re able to debate the issue with our friends and families and in our workplaces. “It’s a health issue.” “Women should have control over their own bodies.” “It’s a matter between a woman and her doctor.” “Women who have abortions shouldn’t be criminals.” “What … Read More

Support for Doctors Opting Out Of Abortion Referrals – Poll

Media Release 05 May 2019 A poll has found that a strong majority (78%) believe that medical professionals with ethical objections should be lawfully allowed to opt out of performing or arranging abortions. In the independent poll by Curia Market Research of 1,000 New Zealanders, respondents were asked “Do you think medical professionals with ethical objections should be lawfully allowed … Read More

ALRANZ can’t answer a simple question on late term abortions…

ALRANZ’s American abortion lobbyist (linked to the atrocious Planned Parenthood) could not answer a simple question on Newstalk ZB last night about late term abortions… “…um.. ah..giggle… i don’t accept your framing of the question… ” But then the classic statement – “viability happens at birth”. Even Andrew Little would disagree with that. And so does the overwhelming majority of … Read More

Support for Heartbeat Determining Rights Of Unborn – Poll

Media Release 3 May 2019 A poll has found strong support for the unborn child having human rights and being legally protected once a heartbeat is detected (which can be between 6–12 weeks), and only a small minority thinking that life doesn’t begin until the child is born. In the independent poll by Curia Market Research of 1,000 New Zealanders, almost half … Read More

We love them both

It is vital that politicians fully understand that any moves to lessen the rights of the unborn child will be met with fierce opposition! We must speak up loud and strong for the defenceless. For this reason (and thanks to your support!), we were honoured to be able to financially support the Open Letter to Jacinda Ardern written by the eight … Read More

Women Publish Open Letter to PM On Abortion

Media Release 4 November 2018 A group of women who have all experienced abortion have today published an open letter to the Prime Minster, Jacinda Ardern. It is thought to be the first time in New Zealand history a group of post-abortive women have spoken publicly about the issue – and follows the release of the Law Commission’s report on … Read More